New Year’s Eve Menu

The 2018 New Year’s Eve party at the Adria Hotel will be visited by none other than the Good Soldier ŠVEJK himself.


Owing to his jolly nature, Josef Švejk became a symbol of Czech culture and is deservedly considered to be one of the most important Czechs. The Story of the Good Soldier Švejk with illustrations by the famous Czech painter Josef Lada has been published in 58 countries worldwide. Švejk was never scared of anything. He was so good-hearted that this good-heartedness often seemed to border on dim-wittedness. Thanks to these qualities, he appeared to be fearless, brave and courageous. He loved food and when he was not eating, he was at least singing about food. And as is more than well known, a great feast is followed by great thirst ... we have prepared for you a jolly Czech period party with a goodly amount of food and delicacies, simply a feast, the likes of which even Švejk has not seen before :o)


Entertainment right in the centre of Prague, revelry and New Year's Eve GALA FEAST


For more details about the programme and the New Year’s Eve menu please see the pdf file.


New Year's Eve program can also be ordered by phone: 00420 221 081 230 or via email


You can see photos from the past years in the photogallery.


Children under the age of 12 receive a 25% discount. For children under the age of 3 years, the New Year's Eve is completely free.

This offer is not just available.

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