Oysters on Ice

Not everyone will acquire a taste for this delicacy straight away, but oysters were farmed for their exceptional taste as far back as in Ancient Rome. If the Romans did not find a pearl, at least they could satisfy their taste buds.

Come and see what effects they will have on you... They are served on ice with sparkling wine.

  • Fresh Oysters on Ice, Served with Lemon and Whisky and Roast Shallot Dressing
    3 pieces = 210 CZK / 6 pieces = 390 CZK
  • Oysters Au-gratin with Parmesan and Steamed Fennel with Orange Rind and Lemon Pepper
    3 pieces = 270 CZK / 6 pieces = 420 CZK
  • We recommend: Glass of Pálffy Sekt Brut 0,1l (méthode champenois)
    90 CZK

Price per person: CZK from 210,-
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