St. Martin's Day Menu

Will St. Martin arrive on a white horse or will he come on foot in muddy boots this year? One way or the other we will prepare a festive St. Martin’s goose for him with a crispy crust, mushrooms and St. Martin’s wine. Why won’t you come to enjoy this feast too!

The legend of St. Martin has it that when he was approached to take the office of bishop, his modesty led him to hide among a flock of geese. The geese, however, gave him away. St. Martin is the patron saint of smiths, weavers, tanners, tailors, glove-makers, hat-makers, hoteliers, millers, brush-makers, and most of all domestic animals, geese and winemakers.


    • Glass of Moravian wine
    • Sliced Roast Breast of Duck on Chicory Salad, Chestnuts and Raspberry Vinegar
    • Leg of Goose Roast in Lard with Wine Sauce and Mashed Potato with Baked Onion, Baked Root Vegetables
    • Baked Apple with Blackcurrant Marmalade and Nut Cream


Price per person: CZK 757,-
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